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Notes after liposuction

1. After general anesthesia, it is recommended that guests stay in hospital for observation for 3-5 days. They must stay in hospital for observation on the night of operation.

2. Compression garment should be worn after operation to facilitate recovery and shaping.
3. Within 24 hours after operation, there may be a large amount of exudation,  cotton pads can be padded outside the dressing to prevent the exudation from dampening the clothes. If the dressing falls off or is completely wet, the dressing should be replaced and re-wrapped in time.

4.  Anti-inflammatory fluid infusion for 5-7 days according to doctor's advice.

5. Suture removal 7 days after operation.The needle holes should not be watered before the suture removal. It is allowed to take a bath after removing thread. Pay attention to covering needle holes with waterproof stickers to avoid infection.

6. Avoid physical labor or strenuous exercise within one week after operation. Generally, work can resume for 1-2 weeks after operation.

7.Daily activities can be gradually restored 2-3 days after operation. If there is local swelling, congestion, slight pain or skin itching, they are normal phenomena, do not need to deal with. If the swelling is too obvious, you can come to the hospital for further consultation.

8. In the short term after liposuction, there may be numbness, hardening and unevenness in the operation area, which belongs to the normal range. Generally, it can recover spontaneously from 3 to 6 months.

9. Since the dressing is removed, compression garment should be worn for at least three months to consolidate the liposuction effect and shape a slender body. It should be worn 24 hours within half a month after operation and 8-12 hours per day after half a month.

10. Within two weeks,avoid spicy food or other irritating food such as peppers , no smoking and alcohol .