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Home > Body Contouring > Liposuction > Leg Liposuction > Leg liposuction helps you keep the perfect leg shape
The fat accumulation of the legs significantly affects the body shape of the human. The leg liposuction is
achieved to reduce the fat content of the leg subcutaneous by various medical techniques and create the
ideal leg shape.
Fat accumulation in the part of the thigh is more common. The fat hypertrophy outside the thigh is a common
body shape disorder for women, and is also the focus of suction. Slender legs are the pursuit of women.
It can give people the infinite of beauty. So the demand for thigh liposuction is also increasing.
The fat distribution of the thigh is quite different from that of the abdomen. The deep fat of the thigh is thin,
and it is prone to unevenness when sucked. Leg liposuction is difficult in all liposuction procedures. After the
leg liposuction, you must follow the doctor's instructions. After leg liposuction, the corset should be worn for
two or three months. Don’t worry If the legs appear Indigo or swelling at the beginning. Because it is a normal
imagination and it will slowly disappear. But during this period, it is best to do some gentle partial massage to
help the blood circulation in the thigh. So that it can shorten the leg liposuction recovery time and the postoperative
effect will be better.
1.Precise positioning: precise positioning and efficient focusing on fat accumulation;
2.Fast fat-dissolving: fat stratification dissolves, sucks out at a constant speed, does not damage the body;
3.Invisible slimming: the wound is only the size of the needle eye , no scars after surgery;
4.Rapid recovery: the skin rapid recovery smooth and firm;
5.Easy to rebound: block fat cell regeneration, put an end to rebound possible.
Hydrodynamic stratified lipolysis is a liposuction with different properties for the two layers of fat. It can effectively
reduce the number of fat cells after Absorbed deep fat. And by sucking shallow fat can stimulate the dermal tissue
and shrink the skin, thus achieving a good shaping effect. Hydrodynamic stratified lipolysis does not cause damage
to blood vessels and nerves. In the working mode, hydrodynamic decomposition of fat and recycling are carried out
simultaneously, so that weight loss and body sculpting are faster.
Recovery period
Leg liposuction is a very common plastic surgery. It does not need to have any psychological burden for the recovery
of leg liposuction. This operation does not require hospitalization. It takes 2-3 days to have a rest after surgery. The
recovery period of leg  liposuction is half a months to three months, but this time is not absolute. The recovery after leg
 liposuction varies depending on the physique of each one. But in order to shorten the recovery time, you need to do
the corresponding nursing work after the leg liposuction.