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 eye plasty revision

Have you ever gone through failed eye plasty ?
eye plasty revision

Want to fix the above problems but hindered by the following issues?
1.Which revisional scheme to choose?
2.Will the revision make situation worse ?
3. Will the recovery period be long?
4. Will the result be unnatural?

Don't worry. Hanfei has its own way to solve your problem:
• Personalized design based on your eye condition
• One on one communication and analysis on every detail 
• Minimally invasive cutting to prevent a second damage on your skin
• Invisible stitching technique to make cutting natural and recovery fast

Double eyelids revision

double eyelid revision
eyelid revision
eyelid revision
eyelid revision
eyelid revision

Canthus Plastic Revision

1. Inner Canthus Revision
Symptom: Too much inner canthus lacrimal caruncle exposure, too narrow distance between inner canthuses or upward inner canthus
Solution: Adjust inner canthuses distance to achieve natural healthy eyes

2. Outer Canthus Revision
Plan A: When palpebra inferior looking dropped open and eyeball protruding
Adjust outer canthus angle to the right place to revise the canthus structure
Plan B: When the structure of the outer canthus is damaged, eyelashes defective, bulbar conjunctiva stimulation obvious, palpebra inferior shrinking, etc.
Seperate stitchings of skin and mucosa together with outer canthus ligament rebuilt, lateral conjunctival vault rebuilt and outer canthus skin dealing are required.
eye plasty revision
eye plasty revision

Revisional Ptosis Correction

1. Not Good Effect for Ptosis Correction
Plan A: When the result of last operation is not obvious, 
Double eyelids height is lowered or adjusted based on the remaining eyelid condition
Plan B: Eyes asymetric after first ptosis correction
Adjust the width or height of double eyelids to the same level to make double eyelids natural and vivid, pupil will get decent exposure

ptosis correction revision
2 Scars obvious
Scheme: Design suitable scheme according to the scar condition, achieve natural and scarless result.
eye plasty revision

3. Sequela After First Surgery
Plan A: When the upper fornix conjunctiva become become droopy after first correction
Recut the cutting to take out the suspended soft tissues to restore tarsus shape. Do a second phase operation after the swelling of palpebral and fornix conjuctivas disappear.
Plan B: Palpebral frindge turning inwards with eyelashes inverted after first correction
Fix the frontal muscle flap  to upper 1/3 of the tarsus to solve all problems
eye revision
eyeplasty revision

Revisional Eyebag Removal 

1.Result not satisfactory after eyebag removal
Plan A: Eyebag removal not obvious after first operation
Caused by too conservative tissue removal by doctors. Redesign schemes for a new eyebag removal.
Plan B: Palpebra inferior saggy after first eyebag removal
Fill the saggy eyebag with muscle and fat tissues around to make it fuller
Plan C: Reoccurence of Eyebags
For minor situation, eyebags can be dispeled by injective liposuction; for severe ones, surgery is needed to remove the swelling fat tissue.
eye plasty revision

2. Out-turning Palpebra
Plan A: Palpebral inferior shrinking backwards or turning outwards
Minor situation could be fixed by back and forth pulling of palpebral ligament through surgery; severe ones needs skin transplantation.
Why choose Hanfei?

revisional eye plasty