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 cheek filling

What's the difference between saggy cheek and plump cheek?
comparison between saggy cheek and plump cheek

cheek filling

1.Autologous Fat Cheek Filling 

cheek filling

2.Hyaluronan Cheek Filling 

hyaluronan temple filling

The do's and don'ts after injection:
1.Don't touch the injective parts to avoid disformation. 
2.Don't apply any cold/hot compresses to the injective parts.
3.Better not do strenuous exercise in a short term.
4.Don't massage the injective parts.
5.Better not do hot spring bathing or sauna in a short term.

anti-aging injective material

effective period of injective material

  • Hyaluronic acid is for the injection into your sagging dermis, which stimulates rebirth of 
collagen and tightens skin moisture, making your skin highly elastic and radiant.
  • BOTOX is an effective filling material for muscle balance force adjustment. By adjusting facial muscle group,
facial skin is lifted together with the muscle movement, then your droopy skin gets tightened again.

injective methods

When choosing hospitals, we have the following three rules for you!
hospital choosing

hanfei docor qualification

facial anti-aging