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Home > Body Contouring > Liposuction > Leg Liposuction > Introduction of calf liposuction
Calf liposuction: is a partial liposuction on the calf. It is through a small incision in the skin.
The fat cells are broken and dissolved by ultrasound in vitro, and sucked out by negative
pressure. Sculpture long, straight and thin leg lines.
Calf liposuction can effectively remove excess fat from the calf and is favored by many people.
The liposuction skinny leg is combined with personal temperament characteristics, comprehensive
hip and leg thickness, choose the appropriate shape. Usually people with small buttocks and not
thick calves can show the muscles of the thighs faintly, giving people a strong and powerful feeling.
People with large buttocks and not thin calves need to retain some fat, which will not be more obvious 
to show the unevenness of the buttocks and calves.
The fat cells in adults are constant, after suck out the fat cells, even if the fat cells become larger
after surgery, the number will not increase.

1.Professional operation: Calf liposuction is a professional liposuction device that enters the
subcutaneous tissue through a small skin incision, safe and simple operation.
2.The effect does not rebound for a long time: Due to the reduced amount of liposuction fat cells.
3.Safe: Calf liposuction is safe and reliable.
4.Fast operation: It was completed in 2 hours, the operation time was short.

1. The day before the calf liposuction operation, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning,
especially for the cleaning of the calf.
2. Before the calf liposuction, you need to stop the blood circulation drugs, vitamins and other
nutrients that are being used to avoid the healing speed of the incision and increase the bleeding
that may occur in the calf liposuction.
3.Before the calf liposuction, you need to quit smoking for a period of time, because smoking
reduces the concentration of oxygen in the blood, thus affecting the healing of the wound.
4. Stop drinking during the day before calf liposuction. Drinking alcohol accelerates blood
circulation and increases intraoperative bleeding.

You can walk after two or three days after the calf liposuction, depending on your recovery.
In general, calf liposuction surgery time is about one hour, it is swollen at 2-3 days after surgery,
and about one week, it can be basically recovered. In some cases, depend on the parts of the
calf liposuction and your personal physique. It is recommended that you do not walk immediately
after calf liposuction. 

Calf liposuction is a very common plastic surgery. This operation does not require hospitalization.
It takes 2-3 days rest after surgery. The recovery period of calf liposuction is about half a month
to three months, but this time is not fixed. In general, the younger, the stronger repair ability to
the leg tissue, the shorter the recovery time, but in order to shorten the recovery time, the beauty
seeker needs to do the corresponding nursing work after the calf liposuction surgery.