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1. After genneral anesthesia surgery, patients need to stay in the hospital for 3-5 days, the first night must be in hospital;
2. After surgery, patients need to wear elastic compression garment which is beneficial for body reshape and recovery;
3. During the first 24 hours after surgery, there may be some fluid exudation, you can add some cotton cushion to pretect the outside clothes getting wet. If the cotton cushion got wet fully, please change and bind up again.
4. have anti-inflammatory drops or medicine for 5-7 days according doctor's advice;
5. Remove stiches 7-10 days later; Do not touch water at the cut; 3 days after removing stiches, you can have a shower
6. Do not have serious physical work or exercises within the first week; You can go to work after 1-2 week;
7. You can go out for daily activity, like walk, talk and so on after 2-3 days; It is normal phenomenon, if there is swelling,bleeding, extravasated blood, light painful itchy. If too serious swellng, you can come back to the hospital for a check;
8. It is normal phenomenon if there is cyanoderma,numbness,hardening,sags and crests, it will automatically recover within 3-6 months;
9. Continue to wear compression garments for at least 3 months to enhance the liposuction effect, reshape slim figure; Wear 24 hours a day for first month, 12 hours a day for the second and third month;
10.  Do not eat spicy food, sea food, mutton, antanemic food or medicine like durian,jujube for the first two weeks;