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Home > Body Contouring > Liposuction > Back Liposuction > Introduction to Back Liposuction
Back liposuction is an effective method of shaping. By making incisions on the back, using various
liposuction instruments to destroy the back excess fat cells, and then sucking them out through the
suction device to achieve the purpose of weight loss and shaping. Normally, the subcutaneous fat
of the back is thin and uniform, showing the outline of the back tissue. It shows bloated and too flat
when obese.

Liposuction characteristics
(1) Because it is a row-by-row sequential liposuction, so it avoids the occurrence of bumpy phenomenon.
(2) Special manipulation and special liposuction tube can avoid the injury of blood vessels and nerves.
So all the suction is yellow fat.
(3)The operation time is short, so the pain is short. Short operation time means less repeated trauma
and faster recovery. For example, the facial liposuction is completed in 15 minutes, and the effect will
be seen the next day; the waist and abdomen liposuction is completed in 40 minutes, the effect will be
seen the next day. Because of the small trauma, there will be no postoperative effusion. If there is effusion,
it will increase more pain. It needs repeated withdrawal of effusion and repeated dressing changes, and
the recovery time will be greatly slowed down.
(4) High safety. Short operation time greatly reduces the risk of general anesthesia guests
(5) The needle eyes are very small and few after the operation. No need to stitches, the perfect figure
can be displayed completely in summer.  

Back liposuction advantage
1. This kind of operation can raise the drooping back and make it look better.
2. The surgery can not only remove excess fat from the back, but also effectively tighten the loose
skin on the back, beautify the back lines and shape the perfect back curve.
3. The effect will not rebound for a long time. Previous methods of losing weight can quickly lose
weight, because what drop is human body moisture, but it will rebound soon.
4. Surgical trauma is small and safety is high, so the recovery speed after operation is very fast.
No need for hospitalization, you can go home after treatment, does not affect your work.

Back liposuction indication
1. The weight is opposite normal, but local obesity and disproportionate, these local fat accumulation
do not have reaction to reducing weight and physical exercise. It’s the indication of back liposuction.
2. Back liposuction is also effective for obese patients with skin sagging. While back liposuction, it
can also remove the loose skin to achieve a better back liposuction effect.