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Yang Peng--Integrated Rhinoplasty

Yang Peng  21 Years old 

  Charateristiclow nasal bridgebulbous nose, flat nose 

  Surgery methodVaricosity Rhinoplasty+ Autologous costal cartilage fill nasal tip 

  Doctor advice: Yang Peng nose shape is not good, round and wide nasal tip, flat nose, low nasal bridge, could shape good nose by applying autologous costal cartilage, and use varicosity rhinoplasty high up nose bridge 



  Yang is a white-collar worker, she has a good body contouring , dressing up beautiful every day , but she has a bulbous nose, so it not look good from side face. at that time, she saw Hanfei hold beauty nose activity, so she went to Hanfei hospital immediately attending activity 




Yang got the opportunity to attend the activity, she communicated with doctor before surgery, Doctor Liu help her customize personal scheme according her face contouring 




After communicating with doctors, Yang went to operation room, doctor help her mark the surgery line




After marking the line, applying anesthesia, then start to do surgery 




After surgery , getting effect instantly