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Home > Rhinoplasty > Nasal Beauty > Injected Rhinoplasty > Which is better to fill the nasal base?

Injection of hyaluronic acid into nasal substrate(Filling of nasal substrate with hyaluronic acid)
The base of the nose (mainly the outer nose, that is, the part of the nose that can be seen from the outside) is connected to the upper lip; after the base of the nose is padded, the profile will look more three-dimensional, which can also highlighting the aesthetic sensation of the nose. Hyaluronic acid filling nasal substrate is to fill the nasal base through the injection of hyaluronic acid, to improve the feeling of the old lady with sunken face and drawn and retracted lips, make the face look more stereoscopic, reduce fine lines to some extent, and make people look younger with the natural effect.

Which is better to fill the nasal base? With autologous fat or with hyaluronic acid?
Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Autologous fat is obtained from the body with rich sources, no rejection. Its advantage is that once the autologous fat survive, it is durable and effective, and when it stabilize, it is soft and natural with better shaping effect. The skin of the transplant site will also be improved. Its disadvantage is that as an operation, there is a certain amount of trauma and recovery period, and the autologous fat may be absorbed quickly and need to be filled again. Hyaluronic acid filling operation is simple, no need to wait, basically no recovery period, being a good choice for those who do not want surgery; Its disadvantage is that it can only be maintained for about half a year, requiring repeated injections. You can choose according to your acceptance.
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