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Home > Rhinoplasty > Nasal Beauty > Injected Rhinoplasty > More Brief Overview of Hyaluronic Acid Nose Job

What is Hyaluronic acid nose job?
Hyaluronic acid is injected into the nose for nose augmentation through injection, and then the nose is shaped to achieve the purpose of nose enhancement and nose beautification.

Overview of the project


Hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty without surgery has a quick effect, and it is a more rapid way of nose augmentation at present.


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Characteristics of applicable population
low dorsum of nose

Reference price
About 1000-5000rmb a time

Applicable population

It applies to people with a low bridge, a drooping nasal tip and incomplete and smooth central axis of nasal dorsum, whose entire face lacks the stereoscopic sense with the middle face being flat, and those who hope to improve nasal shape through non-operation.


1. High bridge of the nose and nose beautification effect can be seen without waiting due to the short procedure time.
2. Hyaluronic acid originally exists in the human body, which can be eventually degraded and absorbed by the human body in the later stage with high safety.
3. There are only small needle eyes and swelling, basically no recovery period, which do not affect work and life.
4. Little pain, generally without anesthesia, those sensitive to pain can apply surface anesthesia
5. The effect is reversible and the unsatisfactory one can be dissolved by lysozyme.
6. The injection site can be fine adjustment to improve the degree of refinement.
7. Hyaluronic acid products at different price are abundant, meeting different levels of consumption.


1. Hyaluronic acid plastic effect is different so there is the possibility of wider nasal dorsum
2. Mainly used for nasal dorsal elevation, unable to adjust the shape of the nose.
3. Regular injection is required. According to the metabolism of the human body and different brands, the effect can last for 6-12 months.

Taboo crowd

People with one or more of the following conditions are not allowed to take this procedure: less than 18 years old; pregnant or lactating women; allergic to pharmaceutical ingredients; preoperative use of anticoagulants; localized inflammation or infectious diseases