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Home > Rhinoplasty > Nasal Beauty > Injected Rhinoplasty > Preoperative required & Postoperative care of Hyaluronic

Preoperative required

1. Do not wear makeup on the day, keep the face clean;
2. Women avoid menstrual period to avoid aggravation of bruising and swelling; pregnant women, lactating women need to inform the doctor in advance;
2. Disable anticoagulant drugs (aspirin, vitamin E) before injection;
3. Check physical health, no serious organ diseases, no coagulopathy, no diabetes and immune diseases and neuromotor dysfunction;
4. There is no infection and no inflammation at the injection site (such as acne, rash, etc.)

Postoperative care

Day 1-Day 3  Swelling period

Recovery tip: injection site swelling, redness, stiffness, and sometimes mild bruising.
Nursing methods: 
1. Avoid contact with the injection area within 12 hours after injection;
2. Keep the injection site clean and dry, do not take hot water bath, and do not do strenuous exercise;
3. Ice compress once on the day after injection for no more than 30 minutes;
4. Do not touch or press after injection and avoid frequent movement of facial muscles, so as to maintain even distribution of filling at the injection site.

Day4-Day7    Rapid detumescence period

Recovery tip: rapid detumescence, mild swelling, bruising absorption, obvious morphological effect, but not the final effect, such as tissue recovery, swelling complete absorption.
Nursing methods: 
1. No alcohol or spicy food within one week; Do not take aspirin, anticoagulant drugs;
2. Avoid exposure to sunlight and rays or high-temperature environments, such as saunas and hot springs;
3. Try to avoid applying topical drugs, cosmetics and other irritants to the injection area and surrounding areas.

Day 8 - Day 180   Stable effect period

Recovery tips: swelling gradually absorbed, the effect is from obvious to good.
Nursing methods:
1. Do not apply hot compress, squeeze or massage to the injection site within one month;
2. Keep the face relaxed and don't make too many facial expressions.

Day 181- Day 365   Degradation period

Recovery tips: The morphological effect is stable. After 3 months, hyaluronic acid is gradually metabolized.
Nursing methods:
1. If the hyaluronic acid metabolism leads to unsatisfactory morphology, the second injection can be given after three months.
2. If you feel unwell, please come to the hospital for a second visit.
Warm reminder
The above postoperative care is for reference only.Due to individual differences, different surgical methods, recovery cycle, removal time and nursing methods will be different.The specific nursing plan is recommended to follow the doctor's advice.