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Home > Skin Beauty > Medical Tattoo > Lip Tattooing > FAQ about Floating Lips
1 how long the maintaining time of floating lips ?
The maintaining time decided by floating lips skill, normally could keep 3-5 years, the color will be light after time goes by
2 What is the process of floating lips ?
Firstly, cleaning the face, Secondly, disinfecting the oral, preventing oral from infection, Thirdly, designing the lips line, Forth, floating lips, Fifth, dyeing the pigment on lips, Finally, after lips absorb the pigment, removing the pigment
3 How long to recover after floating lips ?
It will swelling the second day, the swelling will recover well within one month, the lips will become natural after one month. People need take care lips, avoiding it touch water to prevent infection , or the pigment will fade
4 How long to float lips ?
It takes about 1 hour to line the brows
5 Floating the lips will pain or not ?
Applying anesthesia before floating the lips, after that, It is a little pain, it will be swelling after one day, the swelling will recover well after 5-7 days, lips will become natural and sexy after one month
6 What do I need to pay attention after floating lips ?
A Receivers need to take care for surgical wounds, avoiding to touch water, could not make up
B Receivers could not use hand touch the surgical wounds
C Receivers could not eat spicy food, eating light food
D Receivers could not smoke within one month
7 Floating the lips have any side effects ?
If go to informal private salon, maybe it will leave a scar, and the mouth will be deviated after floating lips, if the pigment not good, it will affect health
8 How much of floating lips ?
Floating lips could not confirm the exact price, price is determined by pigment material and different doctors
9 It will leave a scar or not after floating lips ?
Floating lips is popular, and it has developed rapidly, if go to regular hospital and choose professional doctors, it will not leave a scar
10 What is the advantage of floating lips ?
Mouth will look beautiful and sexy, giving people spiritedness feeling, no need lipstick when make up
11 Is it safe or not ?
Yes, it is safe, The material we used is guaranteed, we will help you disinfect and apply anesthesia before floating, our hospital has abundant experience doctors
12 The color will fade or not ?
It will be swelling the second day, the swelling will recover well within one month, lips will be sexy and natural after one month, the maintaining time about 3-5 years, after that, the pigment color will fade