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Home > Rhinoplasty > Nasal Renovation > Revision Rhinoplasty > FAQ about Revision Rhinoplasty
1 What is the reason of failing rhinoplasty surgery ?

Side Effects of Unauthorized Injective Rhinoplasty 
Rhinoplastic surgery had become popular since 1960s to 1970s. And in China, it's the second most usual plastic surgery next to eye surgery. At the beginning, many unqualified " doctors" performed the nose job surgery with fluid silica gel,paraffin and vaseline injection, whose side effect only shows after several or dozens of years later. This is the main reason for the increasing revisional surgery year on year.
Mishandling of Nose Augmentation with Prosthesis
Silica gel has be widely used as the main prosthesis for rhinoplasty since 1980s. As a synthetical material, it will cause many side effects with mishandling, including recurrent inflamation, protruding or displaced prothesis and skin thinning, etc..
Artificial Skin Not Capable of Retaining Original Shape
Different from self-skin, artificial skin can not retain the original nose shape very well, but for thickening the skin. So the nasal tip is not guaranteed to keep the changed shape and may become bulbous, which results in more and more revisional plasty.
2 What is advantages of HANFEI rhinoplasty ?
A Digital Customized Design
B Ten Nosal Eathetics Datum with High Standard Design
C Elaborate Stripping Design to Avoid Deviation
D Perfect Combination of High-End Material and Autologus Cartilage
E Minute Cutting
F Designed by Professional Doctor Group with Rich Experience
3 What do I need to pay attention of failing rhinoplasty surgery ?
A keeping wounds clean
B Having a good rest
C  Cold compress after surgery
D Paying attention to diet, no spicy, no wine, no smoking
4 Why nose is infected after rhinoplasy ?
Infection caused from incomprehensive disinfect and informal operation
5 Why skin color changed ?
Normally the skin turn red and swelling after surgery, it causes from prosthesis stimulates the skin, which is related the following factors
A Relating to prosthesis material
Prosthesis is hard, it will stimulate and hurt skin, so the best material is autologous tissue
B Relating to skin layers
If implanting to skin superficial layer, it will hurt skin heavier
6What if the implant is noticeable?
Even celebrities have unnatural noses from implants that are too conspicuous. The problem is not the implant, but the surgeon’s skill.
If the implant is too high and narrow for the nose bridge, it can be noticeable. At Wonjn, we design and make the bridge more narrow for the implant to fit. Lastly, the implant is inserted exactly under the periosteum so that the nose looks natural.
7How long my nose recover well ?
Recovery time vary with the rate of surgery complication, normally take out stitches after surgery 5-7 days, reducing swelling need one month, but for body rejection, it vary with different people, some people need 3 months to half years with recovery
8Why my nose is swelling after surgery ?
When the nose height is higher than your nose limit, blood circulation is abnormal, and the nose will be swelling, so not just pursuing nose height when do rhinoplasty, if this situation occur, we could revise it by surgery
9 Why the prosthesis is deviated ?
Silicone material is stable, it is easy to carve and impant, prosthesis deviated is related to doctor skills
When impant the prosthesis is dissymmetry, so it is deviated
When the nostril is too wide, it is difficult to keep stable, so it will move to another direction
10 Why customers not satisfied with rhinoplasty effect ?
A Customers have a high request of nose effect
B Doctors not have a good communication with customers
C Doctors poor skills and aesthetic
11 What is ideal height of nose?
Angle between nose bridge and forehead is 115-135 degrees
Angle between columella and mouth is 95-105 degrees
12 What is the material of prosthesis ?
Normally using silicone and varicosity