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Seven Layers eye anti-aging

01 PPDO Line Carving Lift  
PPDO Lifting is a rebuilt of facial frame by interlacingly burying PPDO thread into corium layer and subcutaneous tissue.
By accelarating the reorganization and new born of collagen and elastic fibres, it delays skin aging process continuingly, removes the wrinkles,lifts the droopy tissue, tightens the skin and makes it brighter.

02 Injective Anti-aging
You may worry that it takes time and suffering to do a facial wrinkle removal surgery. But there's one way to help you remove your wrinkles without wasting your time, with no pain but good result.
That's Hanfei Injective Anti-aging to remove wrinkles.

03 Autologous Fat Grafting Anti-age
We extract fresh autologous fat from the parts full of fat to conduct PRP filling. After the surgery, the face is full and firm, and the skin is rejuvenated and tender.
An attractive baby face is shaped in the aesthetic concept of double heart. 

04 Integrated Facial Rejuvenation
Just take a look at the effect of our Integrated Facial Rejuvenation! Do you think she's got younger?

05 Facial Contouring Anti-aging
Her face has been lifted after Facial Contouring Anti-aging !

06 Ulthera
Skin aging begins when you're about 25 years old. The collagen and elastic fibres in the SMAS layer are damaged and degenerate, therefore they cannot maintain skin elasticity or strength. The key is to activate SMAS layer collagen, by Ulthera.

What can Ulthera do for you? 
07 Water Needle Injection
The hyaluronic acid content in the human body is about 15g, and its decrease will make rough skin and wrinkles.

Water Needle injection is to inject 
small molecules of hyaluronic acid into skin, so that facial skin gets moisturized, tender, shiny and bright.

08 Ultracel
As a perfect solution , Ultracel directly reaches skin aging, the root cause of face aging. 

V-line Baby Face

10 Apple Muscle Filling